Gina Kilker

Founder & Chief Marketing Strategist

Who doesn’t love a tree? As the founder of BrandTree Marketing Communications, I couldn’t think of a better metaphor for a brand than a tree when I started my own company. Always changing, morphing, growing and adapting to the changing world around it, trees serve as our everyday model of what it takes to grow, thrive and blossom in an environment where anything can happen. So, when it came time to growing my own brand, I did it only after years of growing others. It was those experiences within multiple industries – whether client side or agency side – that have now helped me develop what I believe is the ideal marketing communications firm.

At BrandTree, we select the best talent for the project. We choose the designer, PR pro, web programmer, or writer who best fit the needs of the project – all of whom are experienced and committed to client success, and all orchestrated by me, BrandTree’s founder, for thorough and expert marketing strategy and project management. With significant experience in leading internal and external marketing departments, within agencies and corporations, my passion is in launching marketing and communications programs for organizations requiring personal and detailed marketing services.

I look forward to helping your organization!